Promo trays

Holder for tubes

The holder for tubes is one of the first developments of the SEM team according to the client's requirements. The product is a rectangular container with 12 cells for installing and fixing tubes. In this cell holder, the walls are quite high, so the product is well held in them, even if it is several times higher than the holder itself.

Manufacturing parameters
Unit weight, g 18-23
Relative humidity, % 6±2
Tray dimensions, mm 255±2*90±3*35±3
Assortment series/calibres 12 cells
Pallet dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1200*800
Net weight, kg 77
Gross weight, kg 102
Composition of the pallet
Units per box 69
Boxes per pallet 48
Units per pallet 3312
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