About us

Sem Ecopack is a manufacturing company which produces sustainable packaging for the green planet. Our company offers a wide range of pulp moulded packaging for different types of products such as fruit, vegetables, bottles, eggs, etc.

The company is a leader, which has an essential influence on the eco tendencies of the packaging system. It is proved by the fact that we are the only manufacturer in Ukraine, which produces the real eco alternative for almost all plastic packaging. The company is an innovative solution provider, which has created several dozen fundamentally new types of packaging.

Sem Ecopack is a game changer with the unique approach, which is guided by the principles of ESG and circular economy. We implement the full cycle for the product – from development and manufacturing to its recycling. Moreover, we have conducted a study, which proved that the pulp moulded packaging has a significantly lower carbon footprint in comparison with plastic one.

Sem Ecopack is an extremely responsible manufacturer with ingrained principles of Industry 5.0. We control all of the processes carefully and pay great attention to the high quality of our products. It is proved by the fact, that we have international certificates FSC, FSSC 22000. In addition, the company was successfully tested by the international laboratory Eurofins.

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