What type of fiber do we use - primary or secondary?

Depending on the client's preference, either primary or secondary fiber can be used. However, our production is primarily based on secondary raw materials - pulp molded.

What is pulp mold?

Pulp molded is a unique environmentally friendly material. It is formed by shaping pulp (mixture) under pressure. The pulp is made from paper mass, which is created by processing secondary raw materials.

How many recycling cycles can pulp molded withstand?

The material can withstand 30 to 60 recycling cycles.

Is egg carton recyclable?

Yes! After use, egg packaging can be recycled multiple times. The only requirement for the carton is the absence of any biological traces.

What are the advantages of pulp molded over plastic?

Packaging made of pulp molded is much stronger than plastic, helping to maintain the shape and quality of the product during transportation.
Due to its absorbing properties, pulp cardboard packaging prevents the formation of mold and condensation inside the container. The air that is allowed to pass through the walls of the packaging helps to keep the product fresh for a longer period.

What is the process of producing packaging from pulp molded?

The first step is the cleaning and preparation of the pulp. Next is the vacuum-forming process, which gives the pulp the shape and appearance of the final product. After that, the formed product undergoes a drying process, during which the packaging gains the necessary stiffness and undergoes a kind of sterilization.

Why do we use the principles of the circular economy in our work?

The philosophy of our production is to take care of the Earth's resources. We are aware of our responsibility to the planet, and therefore our raw material base consists of materials that have already been used, including our own products.

What certificates confirm the high quality of our products?

Our products have successfully confirmed high quality standards by international certificate FSSC 22000.

Is the production automated?

Yes, the production process at Sem Ecopack is highly automated. Moreover, we always keep up with the latest trends and successfully implement the principles of Industry 4.0. This allows us to introduce more efficient, flexible and speedy production processes for high-quality goods.

Adaptability of production to consumer needs?

Our production facilities and the creative approach of the innovation development department allow us to quickly develop any types of packaging, taking into account the necessary parameters such as shape, rigidity, etc. Our arsenal includes in-house production of molds and over a hundred implemented packaging solutions for a wide variety of products.

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